the BONK Cast

The Host

Kerry Pollock is the creator and current host of BONK. As with any game show, the host brings a consistent personality to the game and Kerry, a 20 year veteran of nightclubs and showrooms, brings a quick witted, affable persona that puts the contestants at ease, yet keeps them enthusiastic and focused.

The BONK Babe

The BONK Babe is the full service assistant who puts the contestants in their proper places, handles the props, etc. Her talents are showcased with singing and comedy enhancing the setups to physical and visual questions.

The Keyboard Player

The keyboard player interacts with the show, playing riffs related to the questions, intros, outros and theme music. He also performs the live announcing of commercial parodies, prizes etc. Occasionally he becomes part of the game, for example, when contestants are asked to finish a song.