the show

BONK is the game show based on the immutable certainty that if your guests are laughing and participating, they’re enjoying themselves, which means they will certainly come back for more! Bonk will promote your venue or product through the best type of advertising there is … Word of Mouth!

Trick questions, comedy, music, participation and prizes keep the entire audience involved from start to finish. Our professional writers provide original comedy material and cleverly integrate your product into the show.

Bonk has been highly successful in the corporate market, colleges, on the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line and most recently at the Rampart Casino in Las Vegas Nevada.

bonk in a nutshell

BONK begins with three contestants wearing helmets and holding soft foam mallets. The helmets are outfitted with sensors that ring in when the helmet is hit. In order to “BONK in” and answer a question a contestant must hit him/herself on the head with the mallet. Three games of three rounds, as described on The Game page , are played producing three winners. The three winners then compete in the finale called the "BONK Bash".

production elements of the bonk show

Video monitors are used for the opening of the show and provide graphic enhancements throughout the game. Automatic cameras greatly enhance the production value and provide a live television studio feel for both the contestants and the audience.

Throughout the game fast, funny vignettes are used to setup questions and add musical, physical and visual entertainment value. Interspersed throughout the show are hilarious commercial sponsor parodies such as the Amish Electricians Union.

Losers receive funny consolation prizes such as ceramic chickens, glass bananas and moist towelette. The voice-over descriptions of the prizes are done as enthusiastically as if the contestant won a new car.