the BONK Cast

In keeping with the tenor of the game the questions are sometimes challenging, often tricky and always humorous.

They range from:

Can a pig get sunburned?
To silly
“Sing a song you learned in grade school.”
They may be smart
“Is this a rhetorical question?”
Or trick
“How many of each type of animal did Moses take on the ark?

Back BONK questions become tougher so as to encourage the contestants to clobber each other. This is also the round where we ask contestants to do things they might not like to do such as dancing the Macarena or repeating the worst pick-up line you ever used. If they don’t want to do it they better be quick with the mallet.

In addition to standard verbal questions, the game is interspersed with fun audio and visual questions. Such as The BONK Jumble where contestants have to unscramble a word, the BONK Silhouette where contestants guess who is underneath the shade, guess the impression, decipher the balloon animal and others are all done to full comic effect.